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7/21/2007 - Please E-mail your Senators NOW !

Please e-mail your States Senators now and ask them to sign onto or support Senators Doles ammendment 2321 to the Defense Authorization Bill that will require the Marine Corps to immediately notify any military or civilian people that lived or worked on the base that they were exposed to VOCs. Please e-mail them since writing takes at least 3 or more months for them to receive and phone calls have no real record. You can go to and find any of our states senators e-mails. We have been fighting so hard and we are not done yet. Please join with us on this. We really need your help now. We are trying to do this all in stages and this is the next step in a series of steps to come. Thank you in advance for the work you are going to do to help us get the justice we all deserve. Terry Dyer


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