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ALL NEWCOMERS, My name is Terry Fristoe Dyer and I started THE STAND with my sister Karen Strand. I am in DC right now for the Congressional Hearing so I can't reply to everyone yet,but I did want to try and answer as many of you with this posting as I can because I know you are in shock with everything you are just learning. There's alot to be done .Every part of my being believes that what happened to your family was caused by this horrific disaster. Read everything you can on this sight and go to all the links to read more.Read all the newsletters and make contact with the lawfirm mentioned if you don't already have one. Most firms leave you once they find out the kind of involvement this will take ,so we feel pretty darn good about these guys. They are in for the long haul.They have been at every function that has anything to do with this and they are hard at work for everyones benefit. Your form 95 is very important and they will explain all that. If you need to talk to me, write me on the CONTACT US page and leave your tel# and I will call you back when I get back from DC. My sister and I are just two little southern belles,but we've got one hell of a bite! I am so sorry for all of your losses and pain, but you have found us now and we will fight this thing together like a family. WE WILL RECEIVE TRUTH AND JUSTICE. That I promise you. God Bless each of you.....Terry


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