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5/9/2007 - Congressional Hearing

The Congressional Hearing we have been asking for so long is finally going to be a reality. It will be held at the Rayburn Building June 12, 2007 in Washington, DC. Please try to attend if you can or mail testimonies to or fax to 202 225 5288. So far 3 men have been chosen to speak at the Congressional hearing. They are all victims of the contamination at Lejeune but none of them are from this group. This was the first group formed to help the victims and we have been fighting for this day for 7 years. This is very disappointing and I would like to see Terry be able to speak and represent us. These 3 men who were asked to speak will do a great job and not to take away from them but I would also like to see a woman speak who can talk for the mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of the soldiers and civilians who lived there. She would not just use her voice to speak about the mistakes of the Marine Corps but I know she will speak for everyone. Terry would also enphasize the need to now move on and compensate the victims so they can start recieving the medical care they need. The Stand has worked very hard these past years and made many trips to DC and Atlanta and have always represented the members of this group and if you would like to see Terry be asked to do so again by speaking at the Congressional hearing this month please contact John Arlington at 202-225-2927 immediately.


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