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7/3/2006 - Suggestions from Jeffords office

From: "Woolf, Malcolm \(EPW\)" Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 16:49:52 -0400 > >> I promised you the final documents related to the Camp Lejeune provision that passed the Senate last week. To be clear, the first amendment calling for health care assistance did NOT pass. The second amendment calling for an NAS study and full notification of those affected was included in the Senate passed DOD authorization bill. >> >> Attached is the final language as enacted by the Senate, Senator Jeffords' statement in the congressional record, and the press releases from Senator Jeffords and Senator Dole. >> >> > <> > > <> > > <> > > <> >> Several folks have asked me about next steps. A thank-you note to Greg Riels of Dole's staff might be a good idea. Without Dole's support, the provision would not have been enacted by the Senate. Equally important, Dole will need to strongly support the provision to prevent it from being removed in conference with the House. You might also consider contacting the "conferees" from the Senate and House that will meet to reconcile the competing versions of the bill. They have not yet been named, so keep searching in Google News so you don't miss it. >> >> Hope to talk with you before I leave the Senate, but if not, my hats off to you for what you've accomplished. All my best! -- Malcolm >> ________________________________________ >> Malcolm D. Woolf, Minority Counsel >> Senator James M. Jeffords >> Senate Environment & Public Works Committee >> 202/224-7931 (w) >> 202/228-0574 (f) >> >> > > >


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