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1/11/2006 - First CAP meeting in Atlanta

GOAL OF CAP as per ATSDR....1st meeting...Feb.1 - posted by Terry on 1/10/2006 Message: Goal: The goal of the CAP is to involve the CAP members in the discussions concerning future epidemiological studies at the base. The aim is to reach a consensus among CAP members, however, this is not necessary. Although ATSDR will not be bound by the CAPís recommendations, each recommendation will receive serious consideration in the Agencyís deliberations, and the Agency will provide a written response to each recommendation made by the CAP members. The goal of the CAP is not to discuss compensation, the 1997 ATSDR public health assessment of Camp Lejeune, previous actions by the Navy/Marines, or criminal investigations. Objectives: ∑ Receive recommendations from the CAP on the feasibility of conducting specific studies at the base ∑ Receive recommendations from the CAP concerning the prioritization of specific studies at the base (i.e., which study has the highest priority, second priority, etc.) ∑ If the CAP and ATSDR agree that a specific study is feasible, then ATSDR will involve the CAP fully in the planning and implementation of the study. Expectation: We expect that it will take several CAP meetings (possibly 5 meetings that would take place in 2006) to decide on what studies are feasible and their priority rankings. CAP members are encouraged to share information about the activities of the CAP and ATSDR with the community. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting so that we may start on time. Please note that meetings will start on time and end on time. Process: CAP members will discuss the issues and ask questions of the independent experts, ATSDR staff, and invited guests. ATSDR staff will only respond to questions raised by the CAP members or the experts (or invited guests). The audience will not be permitted to speak or raise questions. They will only be allowed to witness the proceedings. To assist them in their discussions, the CAP members may invite a guest, who has special knowledge or expertise on the issues concerning epidemiological research at the base, to participate in the CAP discussions. CAP members must notify ATSDR prior to the meeting that they want to invite a guest and provide ATSDR with the name, contact information, and expertise that the guest has that is relevant to the CAPís deliberations. At the first CAP meeting, ATSDR staff will present background information on ATSDR activities at the base. One of the independent experts will provide a short introduction to epidemiological methods as they pertain to the base situation. The CAP will establish guidelines and operating principles to govern the CAP meetings. The community can view the meeting in real time through streaming video on the ATSDR Camp Lejeune website A transcript or minutes of the meeting will also be posted on the website. Therefore, CAP members should be sensitive to private and confidential matters of affected community members. Charge: The CAP shall provide recommendations to ATSDR concerning: ∑ specific studies that are feasible to conduct at the base (considering what populations and endpoints to study) ∑ priority ranking of the specific studies that are feasible to conduct at the base _________________________________________________


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