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9/26/2005 - Work you need to do, now that we are back from DC

Here are the Senators and office contact person we met with and their contact info: Senator Burr from N.C. Contact-David Crotts-202-224-3154. Senator Warner from VA. Contact-Andrew Feinberg-202-224-2023. Senator Obama from Ill. Contact-Patricia Haman-202-224-2854.Senator Jeffords from Vt. Contact-Malcolm Wolfe-202-224-5141. Senator Salazar from Col. Contact- Steve Black-202-225-4761. Senator Mikulski from Md. Contact-Linda Jantzen-202-224-4654. Senator McCain fron AZ. Contact-Nick Matiella-202-224-2235. Senator Dole from N.C. Contact- Allison Thompson-202-224-6342. Senator Boxer from CA. Contact- Grant Cope-20224-3553. Senator Durbin from Ill. Contact- Jessica Lenard-202-224-2152. Congressman Forbes from VA. Contact-Eric Hannis-202-225-6365. Congressman Moran from Va. Contact-Heath Bumgardner-202-225-4376. Congressman Jones from N.C. Contact-Daniel Hilton-202-225-3415. Congressman Issa from Ca. Contact- Frederick Hill-202-225-3906.......................................Please help us by following these meetings with a call from you to ask them to help us acheive all our purposed agenda from the meetings. Thank them for taking the time to meet with THE STAND from the contamination at Camp Lejeune while they were in Washington and remind them that now the work must begin. The agenda from the meetings is as follows...#1 That all future studies on behalf of those affected by VOC's at C.L. be conducted by a major university such as Duke Medical Center or Boston University, UCLA, or a teaching hospital with funds appropriated from Congress or the DOD budget. #2. That Congress write a letter to the ATSDR that states that the remainder of the water modeling that they are doing be done in a timely manner. #3. That once the TT water modeling is done that the DOJ start immediate action toward settlement of claims presented on Form 95 for those affected that lived during the approprite dates and areas that the VOCs were present. #4. That a staff consisting of the victim advocates be appointed and duly compensated to work in conjunction with sorces selected to conduct future studies. #5. That funds for victim assistance and compensation for initial medical screenings and treatment be allocated thur congress......... All the people we met with were extremely helpful and wanted to make sure they did whatever was needed to help us, so now is the time to remind them about the things we asked for and to thank them for all they are going to accomplish for us. Good luck and get to work!


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