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8/29/2005 - Upcoming Sept. Washington Trip

Our meetings in DC will be here before we know it. It is still not to late to join us, especially if you live in the area and want to make day trips to attend the meetings with us. So far we have around 15 going. Our brochures that we will be handing out are ready and they look great. We owe a big big thank you to Dave for doing that for us. We are also still accepting donations for the trip so please consider making a contribution. You can do so by going to the donate page of this website or mailing it to The Stand, 12315 Wilmington, NC 28405. We wish to thank you and all others who have already made a donation. You are what is making this trip possible. Also, please read the ATSDR response to the Scientific Panel that met in Atlanta and let us know your response. Actually we were hoping they would be more in agreement with the panel of scientists, especially when it comes to diseases they will be including in their study. We would hate to see them limit it, especially when we get calls and letters everyday from people who want to know if what they have was caused by the contamation. We would also have liked to have seen a definite yes to whether or not they were going to do a childhood study. There are more items we take notice with but we would like to hear your opinion so please get on the discussion board and let us know.


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