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5/3/2005 - Sample Letter to Armed Services Members

On May 10th, 2005, the Senate Armed Services Committee is going to be voting on the defense dept. budget for 2006. One of the items put forward again is the immunity of the DOD from all environmental regulations and laws. If your senator if on that committee please contact he or she and ask them not to give immunity to DOD. Here is my email to Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut:Senator Lieberman; Once again, DoD is attempting to get exemptions from liability of the environmental laws of this country. The Senate Armed Services Subcommittee is scheduled to vote on the new Defense Appropriations bill on May 10, 2005. The full committee is to vote on the proposed bill on May 12, 2005 without any public hearings. Therefore, I am asking you to inform the DoD that they should not have exemption concerning environmental law. I am citing the unfortunate tragedy that has occurred at Camp Lejeune from 1968 to 1985 and the suffering that it has caused marines, their families, civilian employees and their families. All worked and lived on the base and drank highly polluted and toxic water. This environmental catastrophe could happen throughout the country, if the DoD is given these exemptions in the new Defense Appropriations bill. As a victim and survivor of the Camp Lejeune toxic water tragedy, steps must be taken in order to protect this country’s environmental resources for future generations of Americans and to assist those that are still suffering from the tragedy of Camp Lejeune. I will be speaking with the head of the Connecticut Marine Corps League about the cover up and misinformation that has been put out about this situation to alert other marine veterans in the State of Connecticut about the contamination they and their loved ones were exposed to while being stationed at Camp Lejeune. Thank you for your assistance in this matter


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