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3/9/2005 - Need Team Leaders

We need Team Leaders! - posted by Terry on 3/8/2005 Message: We need team leaders in each state to start getting your local and state Newspapers, TV stations, radio and mags to give notice to people that lived at Lejeune about what happened. Let them know that there are thousands upon thousands that do not know what happened at Lejeune and were poisioned. Give them our web page and tell them to please write or do a bleep {public service announcement}on TV about it. We also need to bombard our state reps with the names of the other congress members that are working with us. Tell them now is the time to get on board with us before we let their constituents know that they don't give a flip about the national disaster that took place right here on American soil! State team leaders are needed so we can better organize and utilize our talents and get more done.Please write back soon or contact me thru the CONTACT US page and I will call you. We will then plan a conference call and get to work. Don't let us down folks!This can work! God Bless....Terry _________________________________________________


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