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2/22/2005 - Summary of Atlanta Meeting

Summary of Atlanta Meeting - posted by karen on 2/22/2005 Message: This is just a summary of the meeting with the panel in Atlanta. Because it is a personal summary it is prone to human error so if you were there and have any additions or corrections to make to this please feel free to do so. My view was that the 2 days of meetings went extremely well. The panel of experts all seemed to unanimously come to the conclusion that we warranted a study of those of us who were children and adults at the time of exposure. The discussion on the first day seemed to gravitate towards the utero study and areas they felt could have been improved upon.They were especially vocal in their disagreement with the 1997 public health assessment report of the ATSDR that stated it was unlikely that adult exposure would lead to cancers and felt the report was incorrect and needed to be revised.They also stated they would like to see the studies completed in a more timely manner. The ATSDR is estimating that the water modeling(determines date of exposure and places of exposure) will not likely be completed til 2007. One reason given was that the lack of water meters on the houses complicates determining dosage.The panel recogonized the civilian population and felt that due to the fact that most lived there for an extended time that they would be a good population to guage the long term affects of exposure to these chemicals.In recommending the study of children they wanted to see an all out effort made to increase the scope of the study (not narrow it down in years or areas).The panel discussed what they called their wish list of various illnesses they were familiar with from their studies and from looking at our victims list from our website. The following is is list of illnesses that they felt warranted consideration for the study:neurological, birth defects, thyroid,connective tissue disease,anxiety disorder,depression,developmental disorders, reproductive disorders(both male and female), heart(sudden death), skin diseases,urinary tract, kidney, liver, child and adult mortality, immune disorders, spontaneous abortion, fertility, surigical and dental history,cystitis and cancers.These are suggestions from the panel and as in everything discussed during the 2 days, the final decision lies with the ATSDR. They also were touched by the statements from the victims and shocked that there had never been official notification and felt that there should be. They recommended that the ATSDR needed to work closer with the victims and suggested a staff (who would be compensated)be formed to work with the ATSDR, help in locating victims and oversee the welfare and concerns of the victims.Of course this and all the above suggestions are now up to the ATSDR and whether or not they will chose to accept the recommendations of the panel members. The exact minutes of the meeting will be made available to us in appro. 3 weeks and I encourage everyone to read them. I would also like to encourage each of you to contact the ATSDR(our link page) and ask (or beg)them to please follow the recommendations of the panel (if you agree with the panel).I would think that they especially need to consider the various illnesses listed above, the studies of children and adults and the water modeling done in a timely manner, notification, also mentioned was a Camp Lejeune TCE registry and the forming of an official panel to represent the victims and work with the ATSDR.It would also help to send a copy to your representatives and ask them to also encourage the ATSDR to take the recommendations of the panel seriously. We need to do this as soon as possible before the ATSDR makes their final decision. We deserve an imput and we deserve to be taken seriously. This affects all of us. _________________________________________________


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