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5/11/2004 - Water Panel News Conference

We would like to thank the Jacksonville, N.C. USO for hosting the Camp Lejeune Water Panel News Conference. We would also like to thank the media who were in attendance, as well as the three members of the distinquished panel who were there. As you know, the panel was named by General Hagee to investigate the years between 1980 and 85, which is the time period that the contaminated wells remained open. In addition to the news media the panel was also questioned by Terry Dyer, Karen Strand, Jeff Byron and Jerry Ensminger. It soon became apparent that this panel first of all has a member who might possibly have had connections to the base in the past. Also of concern to us was the fact that there were so many important items that we were told would not be addressed bcause the panels hands were tied (as the spokesman referred to it) by the charter they were to follow. When questioned further we were told the charter for this suppossed independent panel was written by the commandant. Our opinion in no way is to be considered as a reflection on the integrity or reputations of the panel members but we feel that the only way we will be able to obtain truth and justice is going to be from a congressional hearing. If you agree then it is critical for us to unite and for each and everyone of us to immediately contact our state representatives ( and demand a congressional hearing. We have the right to ask for truth and justice and to not only get to the bottom of why the wells were not capped for 5 years but also how this was allowed to happen in the first place and what they are going to do about assuming responsibity since it did happen. You may also send them the petition on our home page or ask them to refer to it at It specifically states our concerns and our requests. Thank you and keep on standing with us. We need each other.


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