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3/9/2004 - Marine Corp Panel

High Level Dog and Pony Show! - posted by Terry on 3/11/2004 Message: Well here we go! The so called independent panel that the Commandant of the Marine Corps has gotten together has been chosen and what do you know....They all have ties to the military. They are as follows...The Honorable Ronald C. Packard, Represenative of California,General Richard D. Hearney,USMC{Ret},former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, The Honorable Robert B. Pirie,Jr., former Assistant Secretary of the Navy. If this doesn't look like they are loading up a panel to white wash this whole thing then I don't know what does. We can not stand for this. We will be railroaded and left out to rot when they get though with us.You must,you must get in touch with you state congress people and demand that they do something NOW. We must call this what it is and stand up and demand action now before they have a chance to ensure that we get left with nothing.No medical testing, no medical care, no congressional hearing, no futher studies into the children and adults that lived at that God forsaken place for 30 years and are sick and dying. No one is listening and we have got to yell so loud that we are all they hear! Get on the phones today and call every TV station and Newspaper in your area as well as all national ones and tell them what the USMC is doing to us.This so called independent panel is nothing but a joke. They have plans to look only into years 80 to 85. How many of us does that leave out? There are also plans to try and get laws pushed though again from DOD that will get exemptions from the Safe Drinking Act and the Superfund Law. We must call our state reps and make them aware of this. There is so much work to do and just a few people doing it won't work anymore. We need all our members to help. Please get on the phone and give them a piece of your mind. Call the Commandants office and tell of your outrage at this panel. 703-614-2500,703-614-1743,703-614-2326,703-695-8302.Look up this web-site to read the many pages on the water at you won't believe your eyes! Call the Capitol @ 877-762-8762, ask for you states reps office and tell them what the USMC is up to . Give them this web-site and your tel# and tell them you want a call back with their position on this and what exactly they plan on doing. Lets get to work! Terry Replies To This Post RE: High Level Dog and Pony Show! - posted by Regina on 3/11/2004 _________________________________________________


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