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2/23/2004 - Action Items

Action Items for Legislative Relief-Please Read - posted by Jeff Bd Member on 2/22/2004 Message: Dear Members and Friends, Below is a list of action items that we will present to the North Carolina delegation. They have informed us that their legal department will help write legislation for the victims of Camp Lejeune. If everyone could read the list and let me know your thoughts, also if you have anything to add to the list, let me know that as well. I hope that this list will cover your family situation. I don’t feel that this list is complete, until everyone affected has had an opportunity to read and express his or her concerns in this very important matter. Please email your comments or suggestions to 1. Notification to those personnel, both military and civilian, that were exposed to chemicals in their drinking water, which was piped to their homes. 2. Expand the survey to include children and adults that were exposed to the volatile organic chemicals in their drinking water. 3. Medical and dental healthcare for those individuals whose health issues are a result of chemical exposure that occurred at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. To include, but not limited to, medical devices, i.e. wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc. 4. Compensation for death or injury, claim form 95. 5. Disability for those unable to maintain employment due to their medical condition. 6. Further education and job training for the learning and developmentally disabled and for those victims whose medical maladies have kept them from maintaining adequate employment. 7. Periodic medical testing for all military and civilian personnel and their family members, to include those born after the exposure. 8. Appoint and fund independent researchers to advise and inform the public of the progress of “ the in utero” and the proposed children and adult survey/study to be conducted for the present and future. 9. A Congressional hearing to investigate matters concerning, timely corrective action to close wells known to contain VOC’s and the lack of proper notification to individuals exposed. 10. For Congress to appropriate funds or to insure that the Marine Corps/Department of the Navy provides the appropriate funding to ensure that the above-mentioned items are carried out. 11. Congress to mandate any past, present or future surveys, studies, inquiries, investigations or reports to include representation of victim advocacy groups. 12. Federal law making it a crime for governmental employees, military or civilian, to know of a known toxic chemical release and not notify those individuals that have been exposed to said release. Once everyone has had an opportunity to voice his or her opinion and add to the list, we will submit the completed list, to the North Carolina delegation. Please try to submit all responses by March 1, 2004. Sincerely, Jeff Byron Replies To This Post


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