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7/7/2003 - Lawyers want some....not all

When I first found out about the poisoning we were apart of as children at Camp Lejeune over two and ahalf years ago, I would have never dreamed to have come this far and been through so much. It has been a true roller-coaster ride for me. I did not get my sisters involved at first because I did not believe that they could go through the constant disappointments and turn downs I was experiencing almost on a daily basis. But then there came a time when I couldn't handle it by myself anymore and I called my sister,Karen and asked for help. We have stayed up many nights and read your letters and cried over what you as well as we have gone thru and the uncertainty of what our futures hold. We have left our families and traveled to DC on two different trips and pleaded ours and your cases to members of congress and others who would listen. We have fought the good fight believing that all of us would be helped.But that is not the case right now. We were introduced to a group of lawyers whom we beleived would be able to help us all. We were asked not go back to DC for awhile ,while our situation was being looked into. After close to six months they have told us they are interested in people in "THE STAND" that have the following illnesses....1. LIVER CANCER 2. KIDNEY CANCER 3. BRAIN CANCER 4. BLADDER CANCER 5. LEUKEMIA 6. NON_HODGKINS LYMPHOMAS 7. MALE INFERTILITY 8. HEARING DISABILITY IN CHILDREN 9. FETAL DEATH {LATE TERM} 10. NON_ALCOHOL RELATED CIRRHOSIS...... I know that this list will not affect many of you. They do not affect any of my family either. I guess we are suppose to be happy here.... But I know many of us are not. We KNOW that we are sick and have been for a very long time. This is not the end for us,but rather a new beginning. THE report that the ATSDR will be coming out with in a very few days will show that. Now is the time we need to be even more determined to get the word out to everyone who will listen. Please begin calling major news channels and TV programs. Keep calling until they start listening. Bug the You know what out of them until they do. This goes for the EPA, Marine Corp. ATSDR, Washington, and every newspaper in the country.The Marine Corp has left us behind but we must not leave each other behind. This is important folks and we need to work together if any of us are going to get help! They believe we will give up if they make us wait long enough. WE need to plan large trips to DC together and to Atlanta to meet with the ATSDR so they can see our faces and not forget what has happened to us,and speed up the red tape process they have been working on these past few years. We need to start making demands to the powers that be.Demands that will include medical testing and a congressional hearing as to why it took 20 years to tell us what they did to us. There have already been too many deaths in this nightmare. We need help! For those of you that fall into the list of sicknesses I mentioned ,one of the lawyers is in the DC area. His name is Dick Hibey and his number is 202-626-5888. Good luck to you and GOD BLESS YOU. As for the rest of us... as this thing mushrooms,as we help it along,there will be other lawyers that will come along and want to help because of the pure fact that we were injured too and truth and justice will prevail. Hold fast and keep the faith.....Terry


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