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12/19/2002 - Letter to Representatives

Congratulations to board member Jeff Byron and the group of members from Kentucky who have a meeting today (Dec. 19, 02) with Congressman Ken Lucas of Kentucky. I hope that will serve as encouragement for all of us to get busy and write or meet with our local, state, and federal representatives regarding the contamination. We have some things in the works that we hope to be able to share with everyone in the near future. Meanwhile I would like to encourage everyone to write your representatives. A good way to find out who your representatives are is to go to and The following is a sample letter you can use if you would like.To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you as a constituent of your state, who has been exposed to contaminated groundwater. I realize that the contamination took place in another state, but as a registered voter of the state that you represent, I would like your aid in seeking fairness and justice for what happened. As a member of a non-profit organization known as The Stand (Toxic Homefront Empowered Survivors Take All Necessary Defense), I am part of an organized effort to empower the victims through education and an organized group effort. Our website is Our purpose is to unite and aid military men and women, civil service personnel and dependents who were exposed to carcinogenic/tumoragenic groundwater toxins while stationed at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC. The contaminants discovered are trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, 1,2 dichloroethylene, vinyl chloride, ethylene chloride, benzene, and fuels. From the time they were dumped, thousands were exposed. The toxic chemicals were first discovered in 1980 and identified in 1982. The wells were not capped until 1985. The toxic chemicals originated from improper disposal procedures an an off base dry cleaner and also the base motor pool and on base dumping and burying. In regard to the dry cleaner, the Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) states that because the military built the well so close to the septic field, the well was probably contaminated for as long as 30 years. We would like to request help obtaining a standstill agreement with the Department of Justice. We need a hold placed on the Statute of Limitations. Many military and civil service personnel have not been informed of the contamination directly. Those that are aware found out at various times, mainly through the media. A standstill agreement would enable us to request further and timely studies. One is currently being conducted on those who were exposed in utero. We would like to see the tests in the future conducted in a more timely manner. Many feel that this has gone on for too long, 20+years. We need medical testing and studies on those who were children and adults at the time of exposure. Many are sick and many have already died, including children. We would like the cooperation of those responsible. All we ask is for justice, fairness, and truth. We need your help to insure that this happens. The Stand is currently in touch with staff members of the following North Carolina representatives, who I am sure would appreciate receiving encouragement from your office:Rep. Walter B. Jones, Rep. Mike McIntyre, Rep. Sue Myrick, Rep. David Price, Rep. Howard Coble, Rep. Watt, and Sen. John Edwards. We also need someone to champion our case with the Department of Justice, as we seek a halt to the Statute of Limitations with them. We still would like to be able to meet with the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Servies. We will soon be requesting a Congressional Hearing and would appreciate your support. Thank you,


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