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10/18/2002 - Discussion Group and Register

We would like to ask everyone to please be careful what you say in the discussion group. It is an invaluable tool for all of us and an important way to connect with each other. We just ask you to please be careful in regards to repeating information you get from another source. We need to not use another persons name when we quote them, unless we specifically get their permission first, and then to be sure you quote them word for word. We just never know who may be reading our website and we need to be careful not to misquote or get anyone in trouble who has been nice enough to share information with us. In addition we would like to make it clear that we are not to be held responsible for what any one on the discussion group says or advise they give. When someone gives there e-mail address and you contact them they are not speaking for us and their advise should not be considered to be coming from The Stand. In all matters of legal advise, I would suggest that you ask an attorney. Also, we have had some people have trouble registering. All information needs to be filled out, especially the sections with a red astrick. A few people have registered without giving us their address and phone number and we really need to ask you to fill in every section. Only Terry and I see that information and if in the future we need to share it with attorneys or those doing studies we will ask your permission first. Thank you and keep writing your legislators and trying to get interviews in your local paper. If you get in your paper please be sure to send us a copy because several representatives offices requested copies of newspaper articles. They need to see that we are powerful and serious about our cause!


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