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2/18/2003 - About Watersurvivors Website

Greetings to all newcomers. This site is in place using all the links to help guide you through the maze of unanswered questions you may have of the possible connections with health problems or death of a loved one who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune between 57- 87. We share information through the "discussion group" that we hope will benefit us all in our quest for humane treatment in the form of health care and compensation for disabilities suffered or death of a loved one as a result of being exposed to the toxic chemicals. Unlike some sites or blogs, we try to protect all who view it by removing any post that may be considered personal attacks, harassing or offensive once it is detected. We ask that you do not use real names or email addresses in order to protect your identity which helps in the fight against unwanted solicitation which we would have no control over. We welcome everyone but respectfully request that you follow the guidelines to keep the integrity of the site for which it is intended


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