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9/16/2002 - The Stand, USMC Camp Lejeune Toxic WaterSurvivors 57-87

Our Goals * Raising the public awareness of the contamination at Camp Lejeune, NC * Supporting the victims and survivors of the Lejeune contamination * Providing a forum in which survivors can share information, support and empower each other * Encouraging a relationship with media, local, state and federal government officials, environmental groups, and concerned citizens * Educating the public regarding the harmful effects of toxic chemicals * Working towards an alliance with those involved to seek truth and justice To receive Justice for civilian, military and military dependent peace-keepers that were wounded as a result of toxic chemical poisoning at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The Stand was formed by Terry Dyer and Karen Strand, sisters who lived at Tarawa Terrace, Camp Lejeune, N.C. for 15 years. During that time the Marine Corp discovered toxic chemicals in the groundwater. With the help and advice of Attorney Jan Schlichtmann (book and movie, "A Civil Action") they saw the need for a united front of people who lived at Tarawa Terrace and Hadnot Point and were also affected by the groundwater contamination. They began to realize many military personnel, their dependents, and civil service personnel were either unaware of the contamination or unable to find legal representation. United, and strong we hope to form an alliance with all parties involved to attain truth and justice. As peacekeepers, who while living on base and serving our country during war and peace times, we feel we were made ill by the chemicals being pumped into our homes. Join us and together we will empower each other towards a just and truthful end


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