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9/23/2002 - Filing Status-Form 95-Statute of Limitations

The following is by no means to be considered legal advise. The Stand is here in an advisory capacity only. Please note that we are trying to achieve a Standstill Agreement with all parties involved but meanwhile you may want to consider protecting yourself by filing your form 95. Our interputation is that there is a 2 year window of opportunity from the time you found out that you may have been exposed to contaminated chemicals and the time you can file your grievance with the Dept. of Justice. Please check into this yourself and when possible we always suggest you consult with an attorney. Form 95 can be obtained from your lawyer or on the internet. Refer to link 95.pdf Follow instruction page and send an accompaning letter explaining your situation and health problems. If you need help with the forms you can contact the civil division of the Dept. of Justice 202-514-3301 of Judge Advocate and ask for a jag officer at 202-685-5921. I would make extra copies and send one to the US Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Av.N.W., Washington, DC 20530-0001 and the other to Department of Navy, Office of the Judge Advocate General, 1322 Patterson Avenue SE Suite 3000, Washington, DC 20374-5066. Copy may also we sent to Major General David M. Mize Commanding General, Marine Corp Base PSC Box 20004 Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 28542-0004. There is an expiration date on the form but we have been told by the Justice Department that it does not matter. If you have any concerns please call them at 202-514-3301 or if you cannot get form 95 off the web. Also, go to the FAQ section of our website to find out how to request your written proof that your residence was involved in the contamination. This may be needed later.


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