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9/23/2002 - Newspaper Article

Hope everyone is busy contacting their local newspapers to help inform the public of our plight. When interviewing with your local paper remember that publicity is an important part of our advocacy efforts. Know your facts-refer to the links section of our website. Especially the top 20 hazardous toxic list( and the Environmenal Protection Agencys' website( Be sure to make notes in advance so as to have correct facts. Take time to collect your thoughts and be positive, brief, and to the point. Use simple terms the general public will understand. Remember you can politely decline to answer any inappropriate questions. Try to use phrases such as "I believe" and not "I know." Example: I believe the toxic contaminants have been harmful to my health. Stick to the facts and do not place direct blame. Also, don't forget to mention "The Stand" and our website! Let them know our purpose is to achieve truth and justice for this countrys' beloved military, their families, and civil service personel, who lived on base. These were the men and women who entrusted their care and that of their family while they served their country. Let them know we hope to achieve our mission by seeking an alliance with all parties involved, so that an honorable solution may be found. When the article is published please forward it to The Stand, P.O. Box 12368, Wilmington, N.C., 28405


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