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If you would like to register and/or post on the site, here are some tips. All questions with * beside them must be answered before you register or post. When you begin, the first and most important thing to do is UN-CHECK THE BOX THAT IS BELOW "SHARE MY EMAIL". Next is the User name. This will be your log on ID should you decide to post. We ask that full names NOT be used. Make sure you create and remember your password for future use. The SYMPTOMS section is your health issues and can be added to at the bottom of the SYMPTOMS SECTIONS. Please list each person separate rather than a group. The question "YOUR FILING STATUS" refers to the TORT CLAIMS FORM 95 filing status. You can answer anyway you would like for example, yes, no, in process or pending. Once you have reviewed your answers, please go back and MAKE SURE the "SHARE MY EMAIL" box is still UN-CHECKED BEFORE YOU CLICK THE REGISTER BUTTON. You will now be able to post. We ask that all site rules be followed which are outlined in the NEWSLETTER section under GREETING TO NEWCOMERS. If you have any other questions, you can post it on the site or use the CONTACT US link at the left.


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