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1/17/2008 - Dr. LeBlanc's List of 70 contaminants at LeJeune

1) Solvents 2) Pesticides PHHs PAHs Metals Other perchloroethylene 4,4-DDT PCBs anthracene lead bis(2-chloroethyl) ether trichloroethylene chlordane pyrene manganese cyanide benzene 4,4-DDD benzo[g,h,i]perylene arsenic carbazole ethylbenzene 4,4-DDE benzo[b]fluoranthene cadmium vinyl chloride chlorobenzene aldrin fluoranthene mercury methyl tert-butyl ether phenol dieldrin chrysene nickel diethylphthalate methylphenol endrin phenanthrene barium di-N-octyl phthalate dichloroethylene heptachlor 2-methylnaphthalene beryllium di-N-butyl phthalate tetrachloroethylene heptachlor epoxide naphthalene chromium dichlorobenzidine toluene endosufan benzo[a]anthracene copper trinitrobenzene methylene chloride methoxychlor acenaphthene vanadium trichloroethane fluorine zinc dichloroethene dibenzofuran selenium xylene benzo[a]pyrene iron chloroform dibenzo[a.h]anthracene antimony acetone cobalt silver 16 11 1 15 17 10 = 70 This is a list of chemicals detected at Camp Lejeune. This is derived from the published literature provided at the Wilmington meeting.


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