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1/14/2008 - New dates for ATSDR

If you were stationed on Camp Lejeune between 1965 and 1985,the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) would like to hear from you. Please make sure that when you contact them or write about your time there, you mention the years you lived or worked on base. This is very important ,so don't forget those years. ATSDR, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is trying to determine whether a new health study at the base is feasible. To conduct a study, ATSDR needs information on a typical marineís daily activities at the base. For example, ATSDR would like to know where your unitís barracks were located. Did all of those assigned to your barracks actually live there or did some live offbase? What did you use to clean your rifle? If you maintained or cleaned machinery, motor vehicles, or heavy ordinance at the base, ATSDR would like to know what solvents you may have used. Most important, ATSDR needs information on water usage on a typical day. While you were on base, did you mostly drink water from your residence/barracks or somewhere else on base? Did you shower at your residence most of the time or somewhere else? When you were training in the field, did you mostly drink from a canteen that you filled from your residence or did you mostly drink water supplied to you in the field (for example, from a . water buffalo or water tank)? If water was supplied in the field, do you know where the water was obtained? If you can you help answer these questions based on your own experiences at the base, please email your responses to ATSDR at by February 15, 2008


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