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Thankful - posted by Rual on 5/3/2020

I just found this site and was reading some of the post and decided to register. I am 71 years young and about 6 years ago I came down with stage 4 lymphoma in the top of my stomach. To make a long story short after 6 treatments of more poison I am in remission and thankful to be alive. Along about the time I got the cancer I found out about the toxic water. Well, I said I would try and file a claim and after a couple rounds with the ole VA they finally gave me a disability rating. I had all my records and things in a row when I filed. Anyway, I will stay tuned and see how things are going. God Bless everybody and I wish I could help everybody that has been hurt by this fiasco.


RE: Thankful - posted by john Hartung on 11/20/2020

Hi Rual, Please leave a e-mail with the web-site with your info. and I will get back to you. Thanks John


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