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new member/questions - posted by hpets1967 on 9/6/2017

Hello all - first I want to say how grateful I am for your work. Thanks you. I was born at Camp Lejeune in 1967 and lived there for a tie afterward. I have had a lot of complex health issues beginning in childhood. The last 20 years have been a challenge indeed as symptoms progress with no specific diagnosis etc. A whole lot of neurological symptoms that I have tried everything out there to try to improve. I am not here to complain as I know there are folks out there who have endured much loss that my stuff does not compare to. But I have incurred lots of medical bills in my pursuit to get better and find answers and am applying for dependent support via the fund. I am having trouble nailing down exactly where I lived though as my mom cannot recall and address and well, sadly I am estranged from my dad. I know that we lived in a little silver trailer (my mom recalls) on or near New River Air Station. My dad worked on helicopters there. I have my birth cert to show that I was born at the Naval Hospital. Wondering if any of you have info regarding the names of the housing quarters during that period? Specifically the "trailer parks". rying to trigger my mom's memory. Thanks for any help and thanks again for all your work! Stephanie


RE: new member/questions - posted by dnholmes34 on 9/8/2017

I believe that you lived in Geiger Trailer Park. It was our responsibility at Station 6 - Camp Lejeune Fire Department(Camp Geiger).


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