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brain cyst - posted by bdgrene on 4/14/2017

I just signed up with this group because I am looking for answers to my diagnosis. I was in camp Lejeune/new river from 1/1980 to 4/1980. I have had migraines for awhile. I have had two cysts cut out, one on my breasts(I am male) and during an MRI for my headaches, they found a cyst. So my VSO says I have to find the link between the cysts and the water quality problem. It should be a no brainer but this is why I am asking if anyone else has gone through this and what did you have to do? I know no veterans want to dig money out of our government but when it affects our health, we want the compensation that goes with our service. Can anyone help with my dilemma?


RE: brain cyst - posted by john Hartung on 5/12/2017

Yes, Get my # from the girls.


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